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Find Your Voice

PowerfulWriting is a literature group designed to encourage the passion and growth of budding writers. We help writers improve and develop their own unique style of writing through pointed critiques, prompts, and writing workshops. To encourage writers we have weekly features showcasing the great work from the gallery and prompts folder.

Recent Activities

Links to our most recent features, prompts, workshops, or contests

Prompt: Heart of a Child
Feature: Poetry
A Splatter of News: Issue 4

Quick Rules

  • To join, simply click the join button and let us know a bit about you: what kind of feedback are you looking for? Where do you want to improve? Do you write prose, poetry, essays?
  • To submit, hit the submit button. Because there are so few critics in this group, all submissions must include a feedback direction in the author's comments.
  • We accept all Prose, Poetry, Chapters, Scripts, and Nonfiction. However, we do not accept erotica, fanfiction, or journal entries.
  • English only (sorry)

Find the full Group Rules and FAQ HERE

Gallery Folders

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Archive - Short Pieces
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The admins running our lovely group!

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to any of the people below.





Recent Journal Entries

PowerfulWriting  here with a splattering of news. These series of News Journals will serve to keep you all up-to-date in what's going on throughout the literature community here on dA. This will be expanded more as time goes on. If you have any lit related news you wish to share in future editions, do not hesitate to note either the group or Medoriko   with the details :heart:


It's April 1st! You know what that means?! It is time for National Poetry Writing Month! For those who aren't familiar with it, here's a little info for you:

:bulletorange: Write 30 poems in 30 days.

Yep. That's it, that's all. You can do one everyday (most people do) or do multiple at once if you're inspired enough. Most people post on dA, whether on their own page, or in a group. But it's nice to show off at the end of the month, and feel very achieved.

If you wish to join and are relatively new, here are some tips:

1. No guilt. : One of the most important. If you walk into the challenge worried about missing a day, or writing a bad poem, you're not going to make it. The point of 30/30 is to stretch your brain, not hurt your own feelings. If you fall off the horse, just get back on. It’s as simple as that. Besides, you can catch up on pieces if need be. But don't worry so much about the numbers.

2. Fully commit. At the same time, while we are eradicating the guilt of being human and the small snags that may arise, we are also going to commit. Part of what makes 30/30 such a fruitful experience is the marathon-like nature of the work. We want to get sweaty, lose our breaths, feel our heartbeat grow stronger and louder and take big leaps in our ability to self-discipline. What do they say? Go hard or go home. In this case, you can go even hard at home. Just keep writing.

3. Let it be a ritual. As we’ve established, writing for 30 days in a row is no small task. It takes a lot of energy and commitment to carve out the time, especially with a fluctuating schedule. Planning other rituals to accompany your writing time will help the experience become joyful. Brew a cup of hot coffee in the morning and write by the window in your favorite chair. Use your subway commute for inspiration when you jot down your lines. Whatever makes it feel good, for your own development, a space to honor yourself and a treat in your tiresome day- do that.

4. Keep it small.  Or don't be afraid to do so. Not all of your poems, or any, have to be big. Even if it is a few lines (perfect time to try haiku or other minimalist poetry, I'd say) it's still just as good as a 21 line poem.

5. Don't stress about editing.  In May, I promise you’ll have the time (and fresh eyes) to chop away, add new lines, combine poems and become a mad poem scientist. But your journey now is to simply get the words down. And let go. And move on. It will help keep you in the flow and not getting caught in that dreadful, stalling perfectionism us writers are known for. It also will help you take the ego out of the work. If you MUST edit, don't overdo it as you may change something raw and beautiful you originally had. Keep it to simple things.

6. Prep with a list of topics. Not necessary, but might prove to be helpful for some writers.

7. Utilize prompts. If your ideas run dry, why not dip into some writing prompts? We have plenty here each week, and there's MANY on the internet.

8. ALWAYS be prepared. I carry around a small notebook and writing utensil in case the mood strikes. Some people use an app on their phone/tablet. Just keep something on you.

9. Don't stress. You'll hit a road block, but you can push through it. It isn't ABOUT just writing 30 poems, it's about growth. Don't forget what you're trying to get out of this. It's so much more than numbers and days.

10. Join a group shameless plug NaPoWriMo

NaPoWriMo 2015 Week 1!Welcome to NaPoWriMo 2015 :la: We are FINALLY here. I hope you all are as excited as I am.
Time to get writing! :eager:
Just a few quick reminders before we get to the fun stuff! The gallery folder for week 1 is now open as of tonight for you to submit your poems for days 1-7! Please don't forget to include the day/number in your author's description as well as indicating that it's for NaPoWriMo.
Also, we're still looking for prize donations for the winner's pool! Anything from points, comments, llamas, features, etc. are very welcome, so send a note over to Medoriko if you'd like to donate.
Here is our prize pool so far :eager:
Comments and Feature from Medoriko and TheWritersMeow
Feature from NaPoWriMo
Comments and Features from Squidgeroonio
Llamas and Features from suddenbanana
Features, Tumblr and Twitter from Daghrgenzeen
Llamas and Pixal Art to 3 winners from Amarantheans
Llamas from GhostOfTheEmptyGrave
Features and Llamas f

I hope these prove helpful and you guys will decide to join us for Napowrimo 2015!


In the spirit of NaPoWriMo, my (other) group is holding a contest each week for all of April!

Weekly Contest #1:new: Important clarifications about the contests: You are to NOTE the group your entry. Entries sent solely to the folder won't be counted.
I have been waiting for NaPo since New Years (for real, I have), and now it's here!! :dance:
These challenges will serve as exactly what it sounds like: a challenge. This is for those who want to take a step further each week during NaPoWriMo. This will also be a fun and friendly contest, with a prize!
The Challenge: Be Inspired
Here is your challenge:
:bulletred:  Hit the random deviation button, and write a poem based on (or inspired by) the poem you find.
We are keeping it not terribly difficult for the first week. The challenges will become more difficult as the weeks pass. So this is a warm-up for you guys.
Be sure to link to the random piece in your comments section!! Pieces without this will be rejected.
:bulletorange: please indicate in your author's description and/or the title that the poem was written for
(Week 1)


CRLiterature Book Club for April: 50 Shades of Grey

CRLiterature Book Club: April 2015Well, guys, after the last month's March Book Club: American Born Chinese focused on a graphic novel, us brilliant bros at CRLiterature figured this month we should go even more graphic. So graphic you're going to get "all gushing and breathy—like a child, not a grown woman who can vote and drink legally in the state of Washington." (That's a quotation from the book!)
Yes, kids, we're reading 50 Shades of Grey  by E. L. James.
“This is wrong, but holy hell is it erotic.”
Who hasn't heard of 50 Shades by now? It's a certifiable pop culture

ProjectComment Comment Month (April)

Comment Month ~ AprilWe are hosting a Comment Month this April! Every single one of us deserves at least one insightful comment on our deviations. We have all needed to start somewhere and some just need that extra boost to really get going.
Our timeline is as follows:
1st – 7th April: Members of ProjectComment can suggest one deviation for a chance to receive some comments. This is a chance for any underappreciated artist to get the comments they deserve.
7th - 30th April: Anybody and everybody can comment on the submissions we received for Comment Month. More information on the day.
1st - 7th May: Comment Month is over, but other things are just beginning. Deviants who have commented constructively on over three submissions will receive a news and page feature, and any deviations that have not received any comments will also be featured. More information on the day.
Please note:
:bulletgreen: Submission is only open to members of ProjectComment, though anyone can g

Looking for a new group to join?

:iconla-voz-poetry: is a new group looking for members!

:iconthewrittenrevolution: has admin positions open! Go check it out:

Admin Positions Open!aka the "We Want YOU!" operation.
For a long time, our philosophy was to invite deserving members to join the admin ranks every once in a while. It guaranteed that we'd have deviants who really cared about tWR among us, people who already knew how the Group worked and had been involved in it for a while.
However, not all of them can take the responsibility of helping run a group as big as ours, and not all of them have the matierial TIME to devote to it, so it happened that we ended up with a really long list of admins, most of which were mostly inactive due to various reasons (which we understand, of course, stuff happens).
And as cold-blooded as it might sound, every group needs admins that are active and can help out, if not it's just a whole big mess of nothing getting done and people flailing their virtual arms around not knowing what to do or doing way too much and being stressed out because of

Found Poetry Workshop:

You've put your blood, sweat, and tears (maybe literally this time -- papercuts anyone? scissor mishaps?) into your pieces for this month's found poetry workshop. Your pieces are in, and you're dying for feedback. It's time, y'all. It's time.
Below I'm posting the pieces that made it into the folder.  If you didn't quite make it by deadline, but can finish by tonight, put your piece in the folder and note me, I'll be sure to add it. BUT THAT'S ALL THE EXTENSION YOU GET. Got it? Good. Moving on.
I'm ordering these pieces by type.  Make sure that, as you critique each other -- and you'd better critique each other, that's the point of workshop! -- that the source text matters.  So if someone hasn't linked to the source text, be sure to ask them for it!  

Here are some things to ask yourself as you read and give feedback:
Did the poet intervene on

News + Feature Articles

Love dA Lit: 202 (IrrevocableFate)

Love DA Lit: Issue 202Welcome to the two-hundred second issue of Love DA Lit! :fairylove:   Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
LITplease's Community Portal
LIT me explain u a thing July - Dec 2014

Literature Links | Workshops, Prompts and Challenges
Literature Contests | Resources

April: Blessings of Friendship LadyLincoln

April: Blessings of FriendshipWelcome to April!
The previous month of March ended on a high note with the start of the spring season, and a new month finally begins today with the hope of many fresh beginnings to follow. I recently ventured to the heart of Philadelphia, where I had the rare privilege of meeting another deviant who sparked one of these positive beginnings – granted, she did not know it at the time of our meeting; but I was more than utterly thankful for the blessing of finally having the opportunity to tell her face to face what her support and friendship over the years truly meant.
In the year of the discovery of momma’s deadly Lung Cancer in 2010, Jaime, Crossfire120576, was one of the first who reached out a loving hand, sending little notes of support and posting optimistic messages that kept me fighting. And, when I did not think I could fight on any further – I was taken aback by surprise by a touching message in my DeviantART inbox:


Our most recent prompt!

Check back soon for an update!

If there is any lit related news you'd like us to share, please note the group and we would be more than happy to add it to the next issue!

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