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Find Your Voice

PowerfulWriting is a literature group designed to encourage the passion and growth of budding writers. We help writers improve and develop their own unique style of writing through pointed critiques, prompts, and writing workshops. To encourage writers we have weekly features showcasing the great work from the gallery and prompts folder.

Recent Activities

Links to our most recent features, prompts, workshops, or contests

Prompt: Heart of a Child
Feature: Poetry
A Splatter of News: Issue 3

Quick Rules

  • To join, simply click the join button and let us know a bit about you: what kind of feedback are you looking for? Where do you want to improve? Do you write prose, poetry, essays?
  • To submit, hit the submit button. Because there are so few critics in this group, all submissions must include a feedback direction in the author's comments.
  • We accept all Prose, Poetry, Chapters, Scripts, and Nonfiction. However, we do not accept erotica, fanfiction, or journal entries.
  • English only (sorry)

Find the full Group Rules and FAQ HERE

Gallery Folders

Archive - Long Pieces
Archive - Short Pieces
Scripts and Monologues


The admins running our lovely group!

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to any of the people below.





Recent Journal Entries

PowerfulWriting  here with a splattering of news. These series of News Journals will serve to keep you all up-to-date in what's going on throughout the literature community here on dA. This will be expanded more as time goes on. If you have any lit related news you wish to share in future editions, do not hesitate to note either the group or Medoriko   with the details :heart:

Not a lot going on this week that is new. But here you guys go :heart:


Nothing this week. Check back next week!


Want some Prose Help? Want to submit a short prose piece for publication? Maybe having a senior mentor would help:

See here:

SMP Profilenerpaderp
Mentor Profile for seniormentors
I can mentor you in: Prose
Specifically, I can help you with gearing up to submit a work of short prose (Clarkesworld's guidelines recommend 1000-8000 words) for publication.*
*The publication bit isn't strictly necessary but it's a damn convenient standard.
Let's be clear, I don't have a lot of works in pro-rate publications, or for that matter otherwise, and I only ever but having another pair of critical eyes is really damn helpful. I know how much I appreciated talking to people who had some experience when I was starting out, so I'd like to pay it forward.
I'm not going to pretend this will guarantee you a spot in any magazine at all. As I said above, publication is a damn convenient standard. Part of that standard is really, really wanting your work to be pristine—and being able to deal with the fact that your definiti

Looking for a new group to join?

:iconla-voz-poetry: is a new group looking for members!

:iconthewrittenrevolution: has admin positions open! Go check it out:

Admin Positions Open!aka the "We Want YOU!" operation.
For a long time, our philosophy was to invite deserving members to join the admin ranks every once in a while. It guaranteed that we'd have deviants who really cared about tWR among us, people who already knew how the Group worked and had been involved in it for a while.
However, not all of them can take the responsibility of helping run a group as big as ours, and not all of them have the matierial TIME to devote to it, so it happened that we ended up with a really long list of admins, most of which were mostly inactive due to various reasons (which we understand, of course, stuff happens).
And as cold-blooded as it might sound, every group needs admins that are active and can help out, if not it's just a whole big mess of nothing getting done and people flailing their virtual arms around not knowing what to do or doing way too much and being stressed out because of

Found Poetry Workshop:

You've put your blood, sweat, and tears (maybe literally this time -- papercuts anyone? scissor mishaps?) into your pieces for this month's found poetry workshop. Your pieces are in, and you're dying for feedback. It's time, y'all. It's time.
Below I'm posting the pieces that made it into the folder.  If you didn't quite make it by deadline, but can finish by tonight, put your piece in the folder and note me, I'll be sure to add it. BUT THAT'S ALL THE EXTENSION YOU GET. Got it? Good. Moving on.
I'm ordering these pieces by type.  Make sure that, as you critique each other -- and you'd better critique each other, that's the point of workshop! -- that the source text matters.  So if someone hasn't linked to the source text, be sure to ask them for it!  

Here are some things to ask yourself as you read and give feedback:
Did the poet intervene on

** April is NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) :eager: **

News + Feature Articles

Love dA Lit: 202 (IrrevocableFate)

Love DA Lit: Issue 202Welcome to the two-hundred second issue of Love DA Lit! :fairylove:   Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
LITplease's Community Portal
LIT me explain u a thing July - Dec 2014

Literature Links | Workshops, Prompts and Challenges
Literature Contests | Resources

Ladies of Lit: Volume LII (LadyLincoln)

The Ladies of Lit: Volume LIIWelcome to volume fifty-two my Literature series, The Ladies of Lit!
The premise here is simple. Below you will find an assortment of Literature features from a selection of female deviants here on DeviantART, all of them suggested by you. In this article, you will also find a variety of other things of interest, including:
:bulletwhite: This article’s deviant spotlight: featuring the lovely Medoriko. She has offered to answer a few questions as well, to tell us a bit about what inspires her writing and which piece in particular she favors.
:bulletwhite: Additional information about our upcoming events, and we also have a selection of other interesting Literature news links to share with you.
:bulletwhite: Our “meet our contributors” section. Be sure to note me if you would like to volunteer your services o

Weekly Roundup #32 - Beat-The-Block

Weekly Round Up #32 (The Return Tour):icontypewriter-wplz: :icontypewriter-eplz: :icontypewriter-eplz: :icontypewriter-kplz: :icontypewriter-lplz: :icontypewriter-yplz:
:icontypewriter-rplz: :icontypewriter-oplz: :icontypewriter-uplz: :icontypewriter-nplz: :icontypewriter-dplz: :icontypewriter-uplz: :icontypewriter-pplz:
Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve done the last Round Up. I’m super sorry! Midterms + internship search + ennui = absence. But now I’m back and ready to round up!
Our Latest Round of Journals:
Prompt#16—The Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram ( )
How to Tuesday/Tuesday Tips #7—Manga Tutorials ( )
Recommend a Friend Wednesdays #10 (
Inspiration and Music to Create By #23 (h

Manic Monday Musings #7

Manic Monday Musings #7For many of us, Monday's can be a very dreary day that we must make it through to survive. I want to help break up the manic Monday's that drive us insane. Here, I present to you some of my favorites from the last week or so. Enjoy, process, relax and forget about the world racing around you a million miles and hour. It won't take much of your time, but I think we all need a way to unwind and just forget about everything else for just a few minutes.
Say hello to these wonderful people! They need our love too! :heart:
:love: ithaswhatitisnt :love:

:love: AlecBell :love:

:love: antonfrost :love:

:love: Thediamondintherough :love:

:love: xXI-Feel-InfiniteXx [Love]

[Love] Medoriko [Love]
glass bones and paper skin by Medoriko Dusk by Medoriko
[Love] SpamWarrior21 [Love]
Sanitarium by SpamWarrior21 Alien Soul by SpamWarrior21
[Love] Eqonosp [Love]


Our most recent prompt!

Check back soon for an update!

If there is any lit related news you'd like us to share, please note the group and we would be more than happy to add it to the next issue!

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