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:rose: Welcome to PowerfulWriting! :rose:

If you're a writer and you want to improve, you've come to the right place! Here, we aim to help writers improve and develop their own style of writing by focusing on three main areas: Critiques, prompts, and workshops. Plus, a bit of encouragement through features.


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Recent Journal Entries

For this year's roundup (which we intend to make an annual event), we had 8 pieces submitted by 5 authors. I was extremely impressed with the skill and talent that was evident in each piece submitted. See for yourself:

From Fawn-de-menthol
The RainbowIf only I knew before
What it meant to be in love.
This rainbow, too
Is beautiful,
Rare, and so complex.
For it to even exist,
Sunlight has to shine
Despite the dreaded storm.
Seven colors
Bring the best and worst in us,
Much like seven sins— performed
Because we have to love.
And even then,
People view it from afar
To the joys it brings.
Others fear the rainbow
Like a bad omen,
It spellbinds you
And is bound to end
Only in tears.
They warn me still,
If I pursue this beauty
And find a gold pot at it's end,
I still must steal it
From the green envy
Who came and claimed it first.
Now I don't know in the least
If at the end of my journey
Are hidden bells or knives.
But in humor – I can see,
The road to peril I might cross
With the rainbow waiting for me
Is marked with flower beds.
PropheciesRiding home in a cab,
to the words of singers
who simply
figured me out.
So appears,
They see all my heartache,
and they give
compassionate advice,
from strangers
known by the world.
Tragic how
they foreseen the broken hearts,
and the love–
Oh, the love that came first!
I'd serenade.
the prophecies retold
before her.
Thanks to two woeful hearts
they came true.
Doomed to part ways.
If she's gone,
should I stop singing now?
Will things change?
Will they chant rhymes again
in a prayer
that history
will repeat itself just
one last time?

From Fragments-of-a-Pawn
stop playing with your food, darlingyou were an anglerfish.
and i took the crime-black depths for mystery,
and i took your scalpel overbite for bad-boy bluster,
and i took your flashlight bait for romance
when it was just a dangling mockery
and i was just another set of teatime bones.
longingi scuff at sidewalk bottle caps,
mouthing your name as i pass shriveled milkweed stalks and snuffed-out cigarettes.
once, the clock hands pointed north. they mock me now with each degree elapsed,
each angle pointing to a slew of compass-rose regrets.
mouthing your name as i pass shriveled milkweed stalks and snuffed-out cigarettes,
i hear the second hand’s advance tally my silences like rosary beads,
each angle pointing to a slew of compass-rose regrets.
if only i could pull your name from this unmerciful stampede!
i hear the second hand’s advance tally my silences like rosary beads.
every dull tock measures out those quinine conversations, sly unripened smiles, and yet i know
if only i could pull your name from this unmerciful stampede,
the cobwebs binding me to mute labyrinths of time might let me go.
every dull tock measures out those quinine conversations, sly unripened smiles, and yet i know
your redwood hands could  be the ones to rescue me, and then
the cobwebs

From Naktarra
I'm Married to MyselfI have the sweetest invisible friend.
Perhaps you'll never understand,
what it means to me to see her cry.
I can never lie to hear,
I only know what see knows and
she loves me as I love her and
we're happy as can be.
Judging she is yes,
but sympathetic at her best,
to my mistakes and I kiss her everyday.
Strange? Maybe it's to you,
but you need to see her true.
Look around and you see her there before you.
I ask you, tell me now,
isn't she the striking looking gal?
She's the same person who will twirl in the mirror,
and feel so much pride.
I can never lose her now,
I can only hold her hand in the shower,
dig the perfect compensation
to talk to her.
Crazy I? Maybe to you I can
see where you'd tell me,
“Oh but why, why would you ever
fall in love right now?”
I'll tell you,
a lot of things have happened, true.
A lot of tears, choking up
angry pouts and shouting loud.
Curling lips and spitting yelps.
Then again, she's my only ever
living invisible friend.
So you don't understan
Sick at SeaA cup of tea,
a cup of tea.
I guarantee my bel esprit.
On an ocean sea,
a cup of tea that I will brew
from the cherry tree.
The cherry tree I grow aboard,
in a box, in a bag that is adored.
I grow the tree, which will ever be,
I grow it next to the apple tree.
An apple cinnamon scent in hand,
the brewing intent with you--
don't stand.
A cup of tea,
it will ever be,
when you are of and sick at sea.
So pick a leaf, there is no fee;
on my apple-cinnamon,
cherry tree.

From Rasquet
Where the Jasmine GrowsLook for me
where the Jasmine grows
where the sunlight shatters
and the shards adorn the snow
I’ll be here when you’re ready
ready to let go
we’ll walk these woods together
where the Jasmine grows
Alas, that time has passed
the moment lost and gone
we lie together now
and wonder what went wrong
This war has come between us
with fire and smoke and death
our lives and futures ruined
no promise of good health
Maybe we’ll do better next time
but now its time to go
we lay broken among the Jasmine
as your blood adorns the snow

From Same-side
1864: The FreedHere, in this sin-cursed city,
a good Providence of
wonders has been wrought.
Within the limits of
a thousand particulars,
assurances were given.
I trusted the law,
and it was a greater wonder.
Now all the lies
in the miserable designs
need hardly allude that
uniting the separated families
by resignation or death
will be the perfecting of a means,
which, in the present unorganized state of affairs,
is greatly needed.
Facts furnish that,
within the lines of the army,
when children are
expelled from their homes,
any vacancy occurs.

Every author here will be part of our special featured journal that will come out within the week. This journal will be posted on PowerfulWriting, and my personal journal [MadHat11D6].

It was very difficult to choose which pieces to highlight. Because of the number of submissions, we could only do two. So the special highlighted pieces will be:

1864: The Freed by Same-side and longing by Fragments-of-a-Pawn!

Both of these authors will be a part of a special author highlight journal, receive a critique on a piece of their choice from an admin of PowerfulWriting, receive 100 points each, and have their pieces featured on this blog.  

Thank you everyone for participating, and congratulations to our winners! Have a lovely day.
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